Press release


NOMADA Association has launched a Shop for the Cause where you can find items which carry anti-discrimination and equality message. The campaign was created in cooperation with renowed artists and designers.

NOMADA operates among migrant communities, ethnic and religious minorities, and reaches people exposed to bias motivated violence. Due to the fact that Poland doesn’t carry out deliberate actions in the field of integration (according to the report of the Association for Legal Intervention “Rights of foreigners in Poland in 2020”), non-governmental organizations play an important role in supporting migrants; cut off from state funding, these organizations try different ways to raise funds for their activities.

That is why the Shop for the Cause was created. It helps us to promote equality values, to provide specific support to our clients and to encourage creative work for a common cause. It is a platform for equality and anti-discrimination with fashion, design and art. The Shop for the Cause follows the principle of “solidarity not charity”. What is it about? So far, NOMADA has obtained funds mainly from grants and charitable contributions. Now we want to give our donors something in return.

An exclusive anti-discrimination and equality collection was created for the Shop. By purchasing these items one can show solidarity with those in need. The Shop for the Cause is also a platform for artists and designers who want to support our cause with their creative work. The proceeds from all sales are shared between the vendors and NOMADA as an additional channel to help us continue our work.

The campaign is addressed to people who share NOMADA values. ​It is no coincidence that the Shop for the Cause was launched on June 20th –  a World Refugee Day.

One of the assumptions of the store was that artists from migrant backgrounds would also want to express their solidarity with Nomada and Nomada’s clients. In the future, we plan to initiate cooperation between artists, designers and migrants. ” – said Maciej Mandelt, president of the Nomada Association.

The first series of items was created in cooperation with: Yulia Krivich, Sławek Czajkowski (Zbiok), Jakub Stępień (Hakobo), Jakub Zasada, Sabina Sokół, Paweł Borkowski, Kasia Lorenz and Dominik Cymer .

Each product reflects Nomada’s values, and it is dedicated to a specific “cause”. Socks, for example, carry a message about women’s rights, especially the rights of migrant women who are exposed to cross-discrimination. The “Refugees Welcome” T-shirt, in turn, is dedicated to all people who have become refugees. Products were created with care for the natural environment and with respect for the work of those who created them.

The Shop for the Cause is part of the wider educational and informational activities of NOMADA. Within the platform, a “Knowledge” tab has been created, in which experts from various fields discuss the issues of refugee, minority rights, LGBTQIAP +, integration, gender equality, and climate change. The articles published there contain useful information on how to support minorities and how to react to violence in public space.

Nomada Association runs a free of charge counseling point were foreigners can receive legal advice and assistance. It happens that we work with entire families who need support in documenting their stay, or assistance at the offices, at the doctors, at school. We also support adaptation and integration of children with experience of migration who struggle with various obstacles in Polish schools. We support them in learning the Polish language and we act as  intercultural interpreters. More information at:

The promotional campaign of the shop includes: a social media campaign created by Cyber ​​Kids on Real agency and PR activities by Steinke Communications. A photo session was created by Yulia Krivich.