Artists involved

Meet the artists who designed the first items for Shop for the Cause.

Yulia Krivich

To design the T-shirt “In Ukraine”, we invited Yulia Krivich, an artist who in 2019 photographed herself in front of the Warszawa Zachodnia bus station, holding a flag with the words “In Ukraine” in her hands and thus starting a debate around the prepositions “on” and “in ” regarding Ukraine.

Yulia Krivich is a visual artist, co-founder of ZA group which gathers foreign artists living in Poland. She deals with photography and actions in public space. In her work, she takes up the questions of identity, combining elements of activism with personal history. Her interests include topics related to the broadly understood Eastern Europe, the problem of migration and post-colonialism.

She graduated from the Academy of Architecture and Construction in her hometown of Dnipro in Ukraine and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

She took part in many individual and collective exhibitions, including: an individual exhibition at the Contemporary Museum in Wrocław in 2017; group exhibition during the Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2018 and others. She was a laureate of the ShowOFF section of the Krakow Photomonth (2015), a holder of scholarship of the National Cultural Center (2016) and a participant of Pla (t) forms at the Photographic Museum in Winterthur, Switzerland (2018). She was nominated for the Pinchuk Art Center Prize in Kiev (2018) and was awarded a scholarship of the city of Warsaw in 2021. She participated in the WHW Akademija in Zagreb (2021). He lives in Warsaw, works at the Academy of Art in Szczecin in the Studio of Photography and Post-Artistic Activities.

Sławek (Zbiok) Czajkowski 

 He designed a T-shirt with a “Refugees Welcome” message.

Zbiok’s work is rooted in graffiti and street art. In artistic practice he mainly uses broadly understood painting, mural, graphic design and illustration. His most recognisable artistic realisations were created in public space. Czajkowski uses a distinctive painting style derived from street aesthetics, early 20th century painting, pop culture and internet. The topics of Zbiok’s work concern issues of social inequality, violence, discrimination and alienation of the individual. Czajkowski participated in over 100 exhibitions and projects presented among others in Poland, Germany, Russia, USA, Japan, India, China and Great Britain.


In 2008-2014, together with Joanna Stembalska they created the Out of Sth, the international public art biennial on behalf of BWA Wroclaw, Poland. Since 2014, together with Karolina Zajączkowska, he forms the artistic duo DWA ZETA. Since 2019, he has been conducting optional classes on Art in public space at the Institute of Visual Arts, at the University of Zielona Gora, Poland. In 2010, he won the Grand Prix in the Geppert young painting competition  organised by the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. In 2011 he became a scholarship holder of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. He currently lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.

Sabina Sokół

She designed “feminist socks”, which are dedicated to the equal treatment of all people regardless of gender and skin color.

Sabina Sokół graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, faculty of Graphics. She deal with graphic design and illustration. As an activist is involved in the feminist literary festival “Feminatywa” and the circus festival Cyrkopole.

Her activities and projects are both local and international.

Jakub Stępień (Hakobo)

The “Welcome Tolerance” T-shirt dedicated to the cause of counteracting bias motivated violence was designed by Jakub Stepień.

Jakub Stępień aka Hakobo (born 1976) is one of the 50 most important poster designers worldwide (according to John Foster, author of the book New Masters of Poster Design: Poster Design for the Next Century). He also feels great in visual identification and in activities on the border of art and design, fashion and in general – applied graphics. He cooperates with many cultural institutions, including the Art Museum in Łódź, the Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Design Gallery – BWA Wrocław, Tate Britain.

In his projects, he presents a characteristic style, inspired both by traditional graphic craftsmanship and the culture of the street. The collection of his works includes disciplined, simple layouts, as well as realizations resulting from the fascination with camouflage, graphic noises and the aesthetics of excess.,, instagram/hakobo

Paweł Borkowski

For the Shop for Cause, he designed an anti-racist patch, which is an expression of solidarity with people who, due to their ethnic origin, nationality or religion, are exposed to violence motivated by prejudice.

He is a graphic designer an illustrator and a co-founder of Grupa Projektor (together with Joanna Jopkiewicz). Since 2009, the Group has been active mainly in the field of culture, cooperating with public institutions, museums and galleries.

The Group’s account includes a few realized visual identities, some books, exhibitions, interface designs, there are also several awards and distinctions. Borkowski lives and works in Wrocław. When not working, he hits the road, which is often a mountain route.

Kasia Lorenz i Dominik Cymer

The scarf dedicated to climate migrations was designed by Kasia Lorenz and Dominik Cymer.

They run an interdisciplinary creative studio Cyber Kids on Real, dealing with graphic design, strategy, advertising, illustration and animation. Parallel to the work for clients, they experiment with the projects combining art and design.

The studio’s works were awarded in the following competitions: KTR, the Project of the Year, Kreatura, Must Have, Good Design, and Webstar. Cyber Kids on Real projects have been presented at Polish and international exhibitions, galleries and festivals.

Jakub Zasada

The “Live in colors” poster, through which we express solidarity with LGBTQIAP+ people, was designed by Jakub Zasada.

Jakub Zasada (born 1985) is the author of over 200 posters, which he created mainly for independent movies and cultural events, including concerts, as well as local and social initiatives. He has participated in several groupo exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

Among others he cooperates with Wrocław Gallery of Polish Posters, Dydo Poster Gallery, several cultural institutions as well as ngos. He lives and works at Księże Małe in Wrocław.