Bias-motivated violence

Bias imotivated crime is any hostile expression that is motivated by another person’s race, skin color, disability, religion, national origin, psychosexual orientation, or gender identity.

Bias motivared violence 
are not just physical attacks. It can take various forms e.g. insults, threats or damage to property.

Important! The features protected by the Polish penal code are: nationality, ethnic origin, skin colour, political views, religion or lack of religion beliefs.

It means that Polish law does not protect people affected by bias motivated violence e.g. due to their sexual orientation, psychosexual indetity, gender or age.



How to react to bias motivated violence?

  • try to separate the aggressor from the attacked person, e.g. by starting a conversation
  • get people around you involved – they can record the incident or call the emergency number 112
  • if the incident takes place in any public transport, let the driver know about it. He/she should stop the vehicle and call the police

The consequences of violence are long-lasting. They cause health and social problems. People who experience violence tend to stay locked in on themselves and may deny to establish relationships.


Your reaction supports the attacked person, while lack of reaction supports the abuser. The joint action helps to control the situation.

Bias motivated violence involves a wide range of behaviors : verbal assaults, physical attacks,  psychological harassments, Internet bullying, damage to property or sexual violence.


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