LGBTQIAP+ is a diverse environment of people who differ from each other. Despite the differences, they share the legal and social situation in Poland.

According to the result of the Ilga-Europe ranking published on the International Day against Homo-, Bi-, Transphobia,in the entire European Union no country treats LGBTQIAP+ people worse than Poland.

LGBTQIAP+ These are famous people such as Jacek Dehnel, Sylwia Chutnik, Michał Witkowski, Maria Konopnicka, or completely anonymous people. Nothing particularly big about it.

However, it is LGBTQIAP+ people that Polish law discriminates against on many levels of private and social life. As a group exposed to bias motivated violence, they are not protected in Polish legislation

Polish law prevents marriages of LGBTQIAP+ people, thus creating a situation of relationships invisible to the system.

As a result, non-heteronormative people struggle with successions, cannot adopt children, cannot become legal guardians of their partners’ children or simply get information about their partner’s health situation. Imagine that you are the person affected by this discriminatory omission.

This situation forces LGBTQIAP+ activists to fight for their fundamental rights and to resist state violence. For years, they have been fighting for changes in legislation and changes in social attitudes . They also support  people who need direct help.

It is action at all levels, from providing a safe place for someone who has fled the violence to street resistance.

Links to organizations that work for LGBTQIAP+ people in Poland:

Kultura Równości
Kampania Przeciw Homofobii
Lambda Warszawa
Miłośc Nie Wyklucza
Fundacja TransFuzja
Grupa Stonewall
Fundacja Równość

Oppression breeds resistance. If we wish to have a fair society, one that works in solidarity and that is empathetic, we cannot ignore the discrimination against LGBTQIAP+ people.


  • for marital equality to become a law in Poland;
  • to ensure that trans-people are not forced to sue their parents  in cases of determining their gender in the court;
  • to ensure that the Polish Criminal Code protects people who have experienced  bias motivated violence (-homo, -bi, -trans FOBIA);


  • for anti-discrimination education to be common and thus to stimulate deeper social reflection;
  •  to make psychological support for non-heteronormative/non-binary children and adolescents generally available;
  • for a law that prohibits conversion therapies.

We want to live in harmony with ourselves and with our desires. By supporting or acting for the LGBTQIAP+ community, we support empathy, solidarity, friendship and love. We demand all life.

Do you want to be an ally?

  • Take part in equality marches;
  • React to violence against LGBTQIAP+ people;
  • If you have the opportunity to speak out in defense of LGBTQIAP+ people – do it.


Fundusz Solidarnościowy im. Milo Mazurkiewicz facebook/FunduszMilo
Fundusz dla odmiany
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