Better, worse human being

We see it every day. Unequal treatment of people on the basis of gender, origin, beliefs. Discrimination or preference.

What’s the connection between climate change and migrations?

Droughts, hurricanes, fires, floods, blizzards - natural phenomena can be life-threatening. They don't have to be a direct threat. They can destroy crops, food supplies, or cut off access to drinking water. If these events recur, people are forced to leave

The right to safety

Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and choice of place residence within each country.

Bias-motivated violence

Bias motivated crime is any hostile expression that is motivated by another person's race, skin colour, disability, religion, national origin, psychosexual orientation, or gender identity.


LGBTQIAP+ is a diverse environment of people who differ from each other. Despite the differences, they share the legal and social situation in Poland. In the entire European Union no country treats LGBTQIAP+ people worse than Poland.