A “cookie” file is a text file that is downloaded to the user’s device when visiting websites. These files are used to secure the proper functioning of the website, as well as personalized user service by enabling the creation of a customer account or saving purchases in the “basket” function.

On this website, we use cookies that do not store any personal data of the customer and only those that are necessary for the proper display and functioning of our website. Below is a list of used files.





single session

Allows the website to determine what changes are happening to the shopping cart.


single session

Allows the website to define changes to the shopping cart.


2 days

It contains a unique code for each customer to know where to find the basket in the database.


single session

Recently viewed products widget.

store_notice[notice id]

single session

Allows customers to hide the message from the store.

The above files are necessary for the proper operation of the online store. You can always disable cookies using the options available in your web browser. Remember, however, that blocking certain types of cookies may affect the way we display content on this website, in particular the functioning of the “shopping cart” function and the created customer account.